Stabaxol L is a new addition by Lanxess in its product range of hydrolysis stabilizers for plastics and polyurethanes. Stabaxol L is the first product in a new line of innovative, low-emission monomeric carbodiimides.

With Stabaxol L, like other new carbodiimides, Lanxess is trying to set the trend toward customizing tailor-made anti-hydrolysis agents for use in individual applications to outstandingly meet requirements with respect to stabilization performance, toxicology, emissions, and handling.

Stabaxol L, when used in the polyester/polylactone polyols, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and other PU elastomers, shows excellent performance. Its use in the polyurethane applications extends the service life of the final article under moist and warm operating conditions.

Stabaxol L can be processed very easily as it is supplied in a liquid form that does not have to be pre-heated in the production process, has low viscosity at room temperature and is thus easy to meter uniformly.

Cable sheathing, shoe systems, rollers, PU hot/cold casting systems, engineering injection moldings and electronic housings use Stabaxol L.