Formulated Solutions: Redefining the Consumer Healthcare Experience

DESIGN LOGIC:  Formulated Solutions Website Launch

A CDMO specializing in innovative topical delivery systems for the consumer healthcare industry changes the game when it comes to the application of some of life’s most essential products. 

Formulated Solutions supports companies in the branded Rx, OTC, Q1_DesignLogic_FormulatedSolutions_sidebarmedical device and prestige personal care segments of the consumer healthcare market with cutting-edge delivery solutions designed to enhance the application experience and foster adherence. The company’s award-winning portfolio of package forms, which includes aerosols, barrier pressurized packs, tubes, wipes and sachets, is continuously expanding through ongoing investments in R&D and an unremitting desire to solve its brand partners’ most complex challenges. 


Aligning Perception with Reality

For nearly 20 years, Formulated Solutions has been innovating, formulating and creating products for some of the world’s most well-known consumer healthcare brands. The company operates out of 220,000 square feet of combined pharmaceutical facilities and invests more than 30% of its R&D resources into speculative innovation efforts, enabling the progressive development of leading-edge products. 


More Than a Tagline

The company’s long-held tagline — Innovate, Formulate, Create — is a comprehensive representation of the Formulated Solutions brand, describing both the key areas of the business and its integrated, multilayered approach. Before putting pen to paper, it was necessary to first define these three pillars and, in turn, the Formulated Solutions brand.



Formulated Solutions’ top-down commitment to driving innovation is evidenced through quantifiable factors like investment in research staff and lab space, but it was its steadfast, unwavering desire to improve upon the status quo that stood out as a major value proposition and was thus incorporated into the topline messaging. 


It was clear from the start that the Formulated Solutions team isn’t just willing to take on a challenge — overcoming adversity is part of the culture. Finding creative ways to optimize difficult formulations is what inspired the callout, “The more difficult your project is to formulate, the harder to fill, the more dogged we will be in relentless pursuit of an optimal solution.” 


While innovation and tenacity are mainstays of the Formulated Solutions brand, it was equally important to emphasize the company’s proven capabilities in process development and cGMP manufacturing. “Create” describes, literally, the ability to create game-changing products — whether it be a completely new product, improving an existing line or manufacturing a SKU that is already on the shelves.  

Connecting with the End User

As a contract services provider, Formulated Solutions is unique in that it has a profound understanding of the needs and preferences of the person at the end of the supply chain. Lifestyle images were selected as a primary means of conveying this unique consumer insight, associating the experience of Formulated Solutions with that of the end user. Banner images were supplemented by qualifying text to connect the imagery to the message on each page.


Bringing the Brand to Life

As part of the effort to bridge the gap between the company’s advanced solutions and the existing brand image, the website was designed with a modern aesthetic, using a cool color palette and modular layout. Animation is utilized heavily throughout the site to create movement and help break up some of the more technical content inherent to the subject matter. 


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