Fighting Cancer and Supporting Patients

Along the Road to 50 States, Randall Riggs, President and Chief Executive Officer at Gibson Oncology, talks to Nigel about the mission and vision of the company and how the small organization has been able to overcome challenges using key collaborations.

Nice Insight

Nice Insight, established in 2010, is the research division of That’s Nice, A Science Agency, providing data and analysis from proprietary annual surveys, custom primary qualitative and quantitative research as well as extensive secondary research. Current annual surveys include The Nice Insight Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO/CMO), Survey The Nice Insight Contract Research - Preclinical and Clinical (CRO) Survey, The Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Equipment Survey, and The Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Excipients Survey.

Gibson Oncology

We are tough on cancer, not patients.
Novel Aza Compounds – the potential to treat what was once considered undruggable
Aza compounds are novel small molecule dual inhibitors of cMyc (over-expressed in 80% + of all cancers) and Topo 1 (which is a commercially validated cancer target).

Gibson, in collaboration with NCI and Purdue Research Foundation is developing one or more novel clinical candidate Aza drugs to inhibit the major oncogene referred to as cMyc, as well as TOPO 1 enzyme that are key drivers of many human cancers. As of today, there are no cancer drugs that specifically address the single, largest oncogene involved in most cancers – cMyc. This oncogene has, until recently, been labeled “undruggable” because of its novel physical configuration but Gibson Oncology has exclusively licensed the intellectual property to novel family of AZA-Indenos that finally make the key cMyc oncogene druggable.

Gibson Oncology believes we (Gibson, NCI and Purdue Research Foundation) are on the right path to change that story for the benefit of many cancer patients!