Device Prints Anti-Aging Product on the Skin

Procter & Gamble reveals the Opté handheld system at CES.

Makeup has just entered the digital world. A new device from Proctor & Gamble can, according to the company, be used by anyone that applies makeup to cover blemishes.

The Opté handheld device, which is the size of an electric shaver, covers up hyperpigmentation or age spots by printing anti-aging product onto the skin. First, blue LED lights in the device maximize contrasts in melanin. Cameras in the device then take more than 200 images per second, which are sent to a microprocessor and analyzed to determine the size, shape, and intensity of each blemish. A printer in the device that has 120 nozzles — that are each thinner than a human hair — deposits a skin-care serum only in areas where it is needed.

Using cartridges for fair, medium and dark skin as a base, the internal inkjet printer in the device can reproduce any skin color, according to the company. It also says that, unlike traditional concealers, the serum is sweat-resistant and contains anti-aging ingredients that can help reduce the appearance of the blemishes it covers up.

The Opté device is expected to be on the market by the end of 2019 or early 2020. The company has not yet set its price.




Emilie Branch

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