Designing A Recipe for Stem Cell Therapy Success

Corning Life Sciences and Pharma’s Almanac host "Designing a Recipe for Stem Cell Therapy Success," a Q&A webinar to help stem cell therapy developers prepare to transition therapies from the bench to the production suite.

It is widely accepted that stem cell therapies hold great promise in areas like regenerative medicine, disease modeling, and drug discovery. While there are exciting doors opening around these applications, questions remain on the most effective tools and processes to utilize when transitioning promising therapies from the lab bench into the production suite and beyond.

Ben Josey, Ph.D., and Robert Padilla, MS, Field Application Scientists from Corning Life Sciences, discuss considerations and strategies for transitioning stem cell therapies from research into a production environment.

Discussion topics include: 

  • Cell type and end-product goals
  • Platform and media selection for cell expansion
  • Surface chemistry substrate choices and other cell culture success factors
  • How to ensure your biology translates successfully as you scale
  • De-risking and optimizing processes
  • And other biological and operational considerations

Ben Josey, Ph.D.

Dr. Ben Josey received his Ph.D. in pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences from the Medical University of South Carolina working on small molecule– and biomaterial-based treatments for cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Josey has held several positions in academia focused on translational research to overcome immunological barriers facing cell therapies. Dr. Josey works extensively with research and process development groups optimizing assays and cell culture scale-up conditions for viral production and cellular therapeutics.