Charles River Launches Apollo™, an Industry-Leading, Secure, Cloud-Based Platform for Real-Time Toxicology Study Data

Charles River Launches Apollo™, an Industry-Leading, Secure, Cloud-Based Platform for Real-Time Toxicology Study Data

March 14, 2023PR-M03-23-03

Apollo reduces barriers by providing valuable insights to enhance decision making abilities

WILMINGTON, Mass. – Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (NYSE: CRL) today launched Apollo™, an industry-leading, secure, cloud-based platform for drug developers that provides access to study data, study milestones, documents, cost estimates, and program planning tools to save time and enhance the client experience. The platform’s current capabilities are designed to support clients with safety assessment and toxicology studies.

“Traditionally, data sharing between a customer and CRO relies on a study director to proactively provide program updates,” said Shannon Parisotto, Corporate Executive Vice President, Discovery and Safety Assessment at Charles River. “Apollo reimagines this dynamic and gives the client access to real-time data and analysis – empowering them to make more efficient decisions and enabling stronger partnership between the organizations.”

By providing greater access to study milestones and data, Apollo reduces friction in preclinical studies and contributes to a more efficient and effective process. Using the cloud-based platform, clients now have access to self-service tools designed to reduce barriers, access the status of studies, data insights and analysis, and download study documents immediately. Additionally, Apollo offers access to a self-service quoting tool, allowing enhanced budget forecasting.

“The build and deployment of Apollo is an instrumental piece of Charles River’s overall digital journey,” said Mark Mintz, Corporate Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer at Charles River. “By delivering high impact technology that gives clients greater access to data, we are enabling data-driven decision making that creates value for their businesses and reaching our goal of creating efficiencies in the drug development process.”

Apollo is currently live and available for all ongoing studies. All Apollo studies provide users the ability to exchange documents, and in vivo general toxicology studies have additional data visualization, program planning and reporting milestone features. Charles River is continuously expanding the scope of enabled features for other study types.


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