Celerion Creates a Fully Automated, Early Development Clinical Trial Data Management Platform

LINCOLN, Neb. — () — Celerion, the leader in early clinical development, is pleased to announce a new core capability for this growing market: the integration of ClinQuick®, Celerion’s proprietary electronic data acquisition system, with TrialMaster®, OmniComm’s electronic data capture solution, to provide a fully automated clinical trial data management platform.

The dynamic exchange of information between late pre-clinical efforts and early stage clinical trials is critical to accelerating the transition from first in human through to proof of concept patient studies.

Celerion utilizes TrialMaster as the preferred electronic data capture (EDC) system for data capture on multi-site studies, and ClinQuick to capture bar-coded data for studies conducted in Celerion clinics. Integrating ClinQuick into TrialMaster automates Celerion’s data acquisition system and provides consistent data management and reporting capabilities in one centralized database. It facilitates consistency of data collection across clinical sites, ensuring accurate and high-quality information.

This integrated solution provides a comprehensive data management platform to access ClinQuick’s bar-coded data, and enable dynamic risk monitoring, robust query management, ad hoc reporting and data extraction in portable industry formats. It has also been incorporated into Celexus, Celerion’s client portal for real-time access to all clinical study data.

“Merging our proprietary electronic data acquisition system with an electronic data capture system is a revolutionary advancement that has not been seen before in early clinical research,” said Michelle Combs PhD, Vice President of Data Management and Biometrics. “This automated solution minimizes the need for manual data entry and delivers a centralized data management platform that meets growing client expectations for speed and transparency.”

“This innovative approach continues to signal to our clients and the market, Celerion's strong commitment to technological progress and to understanding our clients’ challenges,” said Susan Thornton PhD, President and CEO. “Integrating these solutions improves operational efficiency and makes it easier for our clients to make data-driven decisions to help move their clinical programs forward.”

Michelle Maklas-Baker
Manager, Global Marketing
Tel: +1 732 306 7804
Email: media.inquiries@celerion.com 


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