Cambrex Adds New Lab Space

The process and analytical development facility is located at the Karlskoga, Sweden manufacturing site.


Following the expansion of large-scale manufacturing capacity and the addition of a $6-million logistics center at its Karlskoga, Sweden manufacturing site, Cambrex has added significant new laboratory space housing process technology, quality control (QC) and analytical development laboratories.


In the 600-m2, three-story building, the process technology labs include spaces designed for collaboration between R&D and production teams on scale-up demonstration and technology transfer. The scientists and engineers will have access to advanced computer modeling capabilities for optimization of reactor setups and plant conditions to improve both existing processes and those that are being transferred into the site. The lab will include areas and equipment for the handling of highly potent compounds, high-pressure chemistry, low- to high-temperature (200 °C) reactions and crystallization processes.


The QC and analytical development laboratories will serve to provide additional capacity and capabilities with respect to the analysis of raw and in-process materials.


Cynthia A. Challener, Ph.D.

Dr. Challener is an established industry editor and technical writing expert in the areas of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. She writes for various corporations and associations, as well as marketing agencies and research organizations, including That’s Nice and Nice Insight.