Bringing Bioscience to Space

Bill Goodman, Ph.D., Vice President, SCORPIO-V, a Division of HNu Photonics
Devin Ridgley, Project Scientist, SCORPIO-V, a Division of HNu Photonics


Devin Ridgley

Dr. Devin Ridgley received his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering from University of Missouri, Ph.D. in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech followed by Postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Missouri, University of Illinois at Chicago and HNu Photonics. He actively publishes in peer-reviewed journals with research spanning the spectrum of Biomaterial Engineering to Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Ridgley serves as Project Scientist for the BioChip SpaceLab and two other microgravity research facilities, to-date, to advance scientific investigations and discoveries onboard the International Space Station to benefit all humankind.