Brammer Bio: Manufacturing Personalized

Brammer’s vision was to build a best-in-class cell and gene therapy CDMO.

The challenge was to develop a tagline that supports the new identity and brand in the cell and gene therapy CMO marketplace. We had the option to go with either a descriptive tagline that immediately helps establish some fast equity in the brand tied to the services and market, or something that is more evocative and memorable.


The name “Brammer” is a west of Scotland colloquialism meaning “Best in Class” and “Excellence.”

The Result Is “Manufacturing Personalized.”

It is derived from contract manufacturing and personalized medicine. It also alludes to the flexible, personalized nature of Brammer Bio’s customer pitch. Logo and brand identity were created employing a direction that is striking and energetic, with a visual allusion to cells.

Logo and brand identity were created employing a direction that is striking and energetic, with a visual allusion to cells.


Brand Colors

The orange and purple color palette provided by the client offers a pleasing, colorful aesthetic and contributes to the attention-grabbing aesthetic that’s found throughout Brammer’s graphics, illustrations and modified images.


Brand Imagery

Lifestyle images are used on the website and in publications to help visitors connect the fact that Brammer Bio’s science touches real lives, and is in fact derived from real lives. It is consistently positive yet deliberately grounded in tone. Our aim was to bring elements of the science and corporate colors, with embedded cells and DNA markers into lifestyle imagery.

Technology images are used along with striking three-dimensional illustrations of cells and viral vectors. We integrated the corporate color palette into this imagery to reinforce the brand aesthetic. Advertising shows the cells in an environment of woven textures alluding to flexibility and collaboration.


Mark Allen

Mark is Strategy Director and a Partner at That's Nice LLC. Having helped establish the company from its inception in 1995, Mark's role involves the development of strategies for marketing and marketing communications with clients across the Pharma-Biotech Supply Chain leveraging his 20 years in the Life Sciences. Mark excels in dealing with scientific and technical subject matter for life sciences organizations uniquely taking them to market for both B2B and B2C communications. Mark received distinctions while studying Marketing Strategy & Branding at New York University