BIOMEDICAN Announces Successful Biosynthesis and Large-Scale Production of Rare Cannabinoids CBG/CBGA

BIOMEDICAN Announces Successful Biosynthesis and Large-Scale Production of Rare Cannabinoids CBG/CBGA

November 12, 2020PR-M11-20-010

Fremont, CA — BIOMEDICAN, a biotech company designing patented low-cost methods of growing high-value compounds at scale with proprietary yeasts, has successfully biosynthesized rare cannabinoid CBG/CBGA and is setting up large-scale production. The product is pharmaceutical-grade, contains zero toxins and contaminants, and is 75-90% less expensive than current wholesale prices. BIOMEDICAN will be ready to ship CBG/CBGA in Q3 or Q4 2021.

The company fully expects to produce CBG/CBGA for less than $1 per gram. The current market for CBG/CBGA is $20 or more per gram. CBG naturally occurs at such trace amounts that it is challenging to manufacture economically with high purity levels. The only way to produce high-purity, pharmaceutical-grade, toxin and contaminant-free, low-cost CBG/CBGA at scale is via biosynthesis. This process results in products that are high-quality, consistent, and bioidentical to the molecules found in nature, which is crucial to large-scale distribution.

CBG/CBGA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, with early research suggesting it has a range of bioactive properties in the body, including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant functions. The known health benefits of CBG/CBGA include fighting inflammation, pain and nausea, as well as working to slow the proliferation of cancer cells. There is a significant amount of evidence that CBG/CBGA will be as impactful to the health and wellness market as CBD has become around the world. 

BIOMEDICAN does not touch the plant or produce THC or any other psychoactive ingredients at any point in time during its biosynthesis process. According to legal opinion, BIOMEDICAN is outside of federal regulations, since the current regulations center around touching the plant or producing THC. This will allow the company to distribute CBG/CBGA into a wide variety of channels, including nutraceuticals, food/beverage, personal care/lotions, and cosmetics.

“The global demand for rare cannabinoids is growing astronomically, and CBG/CBGA is the next generation of many new cannabinoids we will be taking to market,” says BIOMEDICAN CEO Maxim Mikheev. “There are dozens of clinical trials on CBG/CBGA that show its health benefits, and now CBG/CBGA is getting extremely popular, which means significant demand for this product. We are fully confident we will have the highest quality and lowest cost product in the market, which we believe will make us the leader in this market sector.”

“Biosynthesis of rare cannabinoids is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today, and BIOMEDICAN is uniquely positioned with what we believe are the best IP and results in the space,” states BIOMEDICAN Chief Investment Officer Dennis O’Neill. “Our IP has delivered the highest yields in the market, and we are using 60-70% less sugar [the main ingredient in biosynthesis] than our competitors based on our intel. This is just the beginning; we will have several additional cannabinoid strains ready for the market in the coming months.”

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