Altis Biosystems Announces New Research Funding Initiative

Altis Biosystems, Inc., developer of RepliGut®, a technology platform that produces a layer of primary human intestinal stem and/or differentiated cells of either the small intestine or colon, announced today a Research Funding Initiative focused on one unifying purpose: To accelerate research into complex diseases and aid researchers in unlocking biological mysteries.

There is an intense need for more accurate screening methods during preclinical studies using in vitro assays that more closely mimic in vivo conditions. Currently, only 12% of drugs that begin phase 1 clinical trials move on to eventually receive FDA approval. One of the major reasons for this low success rate stems from inadequate preclinical testing methods. Major challenges exist in compound screening by virtue of the limited techniques using cell lines, such as Caco-2 cells (Immortalized cancer cell lines), or animal studies. The physiology of these two screening methods cannot accurately predict how a compound will behave in the human body.

Altis’ Repligut® platform can more accurately model different behaviors in the intestine, such as the barrier function. Altis’ goal is to reduce the time and cost of drug development, as well as reduce the need for animal testing. “Our technology plays a key role in the study and research to treat complex diseases and, to effectively tackle diseases we need to encourage the best and brightest minds to take risks on novel ideas and technologies.” stated Michael Biron, CEO of Altis Biosystems.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply through the company’s website: - applications will be accepted through November 15, 2021.  If you would like to learn more about this novel technology register to view the company’s upcoming webinar “Studying the Response to Cytokines Using Novel In Vitro Stem Cell Platforms

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Altis Biosystems

Altis Biosystems was founded to address the biopharmaceutical industry's intense need for more accurate drug screening methods using in vitro platforms, which can more closely replicate human biology. Altis developed its intestinal platform to be the next generation for in vitro testing during drug development, allowing scientists to develop safer and more effective drugs using normal human intestinal tissue, and reducing the time and cost of drug discovery.