Alcami Establishes New Center of Excellence

Demand for end-to-end services and increased growth are driving investments.

Following Alcami Corporation’s announcement earlier this summer that it is moving its headquarters to Research Triangle Park (RTP) in 2018, the contract development and manufacturing organization established a Center of Excellence for API development, scale-up and commercialization at its facility in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Alcami was formed from the merger of AAIPharma Services and Cambridge Major Laboratories. The company currently has approximately 50 employees in Durham and 450 in Wilimington, North Carolina, with an additional 1000 people work at sites around the world. The company has executive offices in both North Carolina locations, which will be consolidated in the new headquarters in RTP. "We are very excited about this relocation, which prominently positions Alcami in a region known for its culture of diverse expertise, cutting-edge innovation and invention," said Stephan Kutzer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alcami. "Our stronger presence in the Triangle is necessary to meet the evolving needs of our clients, accommodate growth, recruit top talent and attract investors and new customers."

“As we continue to grow and expand into new technology platforms, for example HPAPI [Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients], controlled substances and biologics, we learned that this expansion has to happen in a pharmaceutical hub. We need better access to our customers; we need access to a scientific talent pool; we need access to the infrastructure of a larger city, and our customers and investors need easier access to us,” he added.

The establishment of the new Center of Excellent at its Wisconsin facility was in response to increasing demand for Alcami’s end-to-end offering. “End-to-end projects have grown to become a significant part of Alcami's project portfolio since the program’s inception in March of 2016, representing 10 percent of its total business. Approximately 62 percent of those projects originate from the Germantown site,” said Catherine Hanley, Alcami’s Sr. Director for Marketing & Corporate Communications. 

Noted Kutzer: “The establishment of a Center of Excellence for API development, scale-up and commercialization in Germantown, coupled with our extensive regulatory expertise greatly strengthens the foundation of our business and allows innovators to execute all parts of API development and manufacturing in one U.S.-based location to support their launch. We are excited to expand our capabilities and fuel the growth and success of Alcami while simultaneously upholding the commitment to our customers to deliver seamless, efficient end-to-end small molecule services.”


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