Alcami: Connected at Every Level

ALCAMI represents a rebranding of AAI Pharma Services and Cambridge Major Laboratories (CML), creating a world-class supplier of comprehensive pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services.

New Name

The Alcami name is an anagram of AAI-CML, so it pays homage to the legacy. It also serves as a reference to “Alchemy,” the forerunner of modern chemistry, based on the transformation of matter, particularly converting base metals into gold, and also refers to a process of transformation, creation or combination.


The aim for the tagline was to communicate a message of seamless transition with reference to the additional capacities and capabilities that would support the clinical progression and commercialization of medicines for their customers.

This communicates the integration and the connection between a CDMO and customer, and AAI/CML’s strategy to be focused on end-to-end service for the right audience.


The tagline establishes a connection from drug substance to drug product and the multi-layering of relationships between the new entity and the marketplace. It is a connection through science and philosophy — a true partnership.


The direction is further progressed in the logo. The connection of the multi-layered hexagonal shapes alludes to elements of processing complexity and relationships that are sophisticated.


The symmetry of the logo suggests a connected relationship between Alcami and its customers; it brings their personality forward.

The primary color palette meets industry expectations and brings continuity from the legacy organizations.


There is a delicacy and refinement to the visual, which conveys continuous partnership. The concept can be used in multiple forms, adapted and evolved. Derivative messaging keeps the “connected” theme fresh and relevant.


Mark Allen

Mark is Strategy Director and a Partner at That's Nice LLC. Having helped establish the company from its inception in 1995, Mark's role involves the development of strategies for marketing and marketing communications with clients across the Pharma-Biotech Supply Chain leveraging his 20 years in the Life Sciences. Mark excels in dealing with scientific and technical subject matter for life sciences organizations uniquely taking them to market for both B2B and B2C communications. Mark received distinctions while studying Marketing Strategy & Branding at New York University