AG Mednet and Median Technologies Partnership Supports Global Clinical Trials Portfolio, Including Extensive Programs in China

BOSTON and SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France /PRNewswire/ -- Median Technologies, The Imaging Phenomics Company® (ALMDT: PA) and AG Mednet have renewed their partnership to use AG Mednet's global infrastructure for the collection, QC and delivery of medical images and ancillary data in support current and future clinical trials and programs. Median provides solutions and services for medical image analysis and management in oncology trials globally. AG Mednet works with global CROs, providing technology solutions for clinical trial adjudication and imaging.

Through the partnership, AG Mednet is delivering support to Median for its growing global portfolio of trials including its large programs in China. AG Mednet is pioneer in providing imaging technology and support to the clinical trial industry. The company's Judi // Imaging platform provides the market-leading functionality, customer support and global footprint necessary to collect clinical trial image data, properly de-identify it to ensure regulatory compliance, apply advanced, automated quality-assurance processes to insure the data is protocol-compliant and readily usable, and deliver it reliably and securely to trial repositories.

Median is a leading services provider of image analysis and management in oncology trials, at the edge of technology innovation and continues to develop and implement best-in-class solutions for the benefits of its customers. Median is leveraging AG Mednet's electronic transfer solutions to ease the management of images during clinical trials and enable the extraction of high-quality imaging biomarkers for better study and patient outcomes worldwide.

"Median Technologies has long been an important European partner and renewing and growing our partnership will continue to increase both companies' footprint," said Abraham Gutman, president & CEO of AG Mednet. "While investigator sites in China have represented a significant percentage of our global users for many years, with Median we will also support its local CRO business, delivering timely and quality data to Median's China-based infrastructure."

"The renewal and expansion of our partnership with AG Mednet are a testament that Median Technologies is committed to bring the best technology to its customers," said Nicolas Dano, COO of Median's iCRO Business Unit. "AG Mednet represents a unique combination of technology and customer support. We are thrilled to renew our partnership and continue expanding our global business in delivering high-quality imaging services to our clients in Europe, US and China."

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