Actylis Debuts, Signaling the Creation of an Integrated Global Specialty Ingredients Manufacturing and Sourcing Powerhouse

Actylis Debuts, Signaling the Creation of an Integrated Global Specialty Ingredients Manufacturing and Sourcing Powerhouse

September 26, 2022PR-M09-22-06-262

—Actylis Integrates Aceto and its 10 Acquired Specialists with Broad Expertise in GMP and non-GMP Raw Material Manufacturing and Sourcing into a Singular Global Brand—

  —Unique Hybrid Model Provides Unparalleled Flexibility for Individualized, Customer-Centric Ingredient Solutions Along with Exceptional Supply Chain Dependability—

—Brings Decades of Deep Expertise and Intimate Customer Knowledge to Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Nutrition, Cosmetics, Agriculture, and Specialty Chemicals Markets—


PORT WASHINGTON, NY— September 26, 2022 — Actylis, a leading global manufacturer and sourcing expert of critical raw materials and performance ingredients for the life sciences and specialty chemicals markets, made its debut today. The new company combines Aceto and 10 industry specialists into an integrated global ingredient powerhouse. Actylis (“Ac-till-iss”) is the culmination of an ambitious initiative launched several years ago to address the major unmet need for better and more dependable access to critical raw materials and performance ingredients essential for the manufacture of highly regulated products in key industries. 

To achieve this goal, Actylis has integrated leading specialty ingredient manufacturing and sourcing companies, including A&C, A&C Bio Buffer, Aceto, Biotron Laboratories, Cascade Chemistry, Finar, Inter-Actifs, IsleChem, Pharma Waldhof, Syntor Fine Chemicals and Talus into one company. Their breadth of capabilities enables Actylis’ unique hybrid manufacturing and sourcing model, which provides key benefits to its customers in high-growth end markets, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, nutrition and specialty chemicals. 

Gilles Cottier, Chief Executive Officer of Actylis, said: “Today we are introducing Actylis, an entirely new and transformed company designed for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Actylis unites multiple industry specialists with a wide range of capabilities into a new, global enterprise with a unique hybrid approach that is greater than the sum of its parts. This consolidation enables us to offer customers across diverse locations and industries highly flexible, customized solutions addressing their specific needs, while assuring reliable on-time delivery of the high-quality ingredients essential to their success.”

Rakesh Sachdev, Chairman of the Board of Actylis, added: “The Actylis brand is inspired by the Latin terms for ‘act’ and ‘life’. It  reflects our commitment to action in bringing life to everything we do. Our company tag line, ‘The Partner of Choice’, represents our unique hybrid model of manufacturing and sourcing. Actylis brings together our combined broad competencies, intimate knowledge of customers’ needs, consultative perspective, and focus on innovation and quality to provide unparalleled choice and flexibility to our customers. The supply challenges of the past few years have made our vision for Actylis especially relevant, and we are proud to help our customers dependably manufacture the life-giving products we all rely on.” 

Andre Moura, Managing Director at New Mountain Capital, the lead shareholder of Actylis, added: “Through our longstanding efforts in the life sciences materials sector, we identified an opportunity to build a new leader in the supply of specialty ingredients to life sciences and other regulated end markets. Built through significant organic and inorganic investments over the last three years, Actylis now has the scale and broad capability set to meet the needs of demanding customers for the reliable supply of innovative, high-quality products. We are excited to continue investing in Actylis as the company continues to grow.”

Actylis was created from the merger of eight specialty manufacturing companies and three sourcing firms, integrated into a single enterprise with more than 850 staff with intimate, in-depth knowledge of every segment they serve. Actylis has a presence in 10 countries spanning three continents and offers more than 4,000 products. With over 75 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience and a portfolio of GMP and non-GMP manufacturing facilities across multiple regions, Actylis offers customers the flexibility to choose from a wide range of individualized solutions, all backed by the same world-class quality, supply chain reliability and regulatory expertise. Its capabilities encompass the entire R&D, product development and manufacturing spectrum, including technical sales support, R&D, manufacturing and production, quality, supply chain, global sourcing, and regulatory compliance. 

Actylis’ expert procurement teams, which are strategically located in centers of excellence in key regions across North America, Europe and Asia, represent a major resource for their customers, facilitating product customization and seamlessly addressing customers’ needs. 

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