Opportunities Abound in China’s Pharmaceutical Market

Opportunities Abound in China’s Pharmaceutical Market

March 19, 2020PAP-Q1-20-CL-024
CPhI & P-Mec China 2020

Rapid growth is on the horizon for China’s pharmaceutical and life science market. The industry is already experiencing double-digit growth, and changes to regulations in past years have paved the way for a future of increased expansion.


In 2019, the Center for Drug Evaluation and the China Food and Drug Administration reformed the application process for INDs and NDAs, allowing for accelerated review timelines that will bring both domestic and foreign drugs to market in China faster than ever before. Chinese regulators also eliminated the requirement to conduct clinical trials in China before drugs could be released, another regulatory prerequisite that had been slowing down the addition of new drugs to the Chinese market. Now, drugs that have been tested and approved for market in other countries will be fast-tracked for review without having to undergo China-specific testing.

In addition to this favorable regulatory atmosphere, public health insurance policies have brought high-quality health care within reach of the average Chinese citizen. Demand for drugs and pharmaceutical equipment has skyrocketed across China, so companies from Asia and around the globe are vying to fill in the gaps as China’s own pharma companies race to catch up. These factors combine to create a Chinese pharma market that is primed for growth with room to spare. Opportunities for foreign pharma investors in China have never been greater, but understanding the unique market and the idiosyncrasies of the global pharmaceutical industry will remain crucial keys to success as the field continues to open up.

China’s Premier Pharmaceutical Event

Those wishing to compete in China’s booming pharmaceutical and life science industry are sure to be in attendance at CPhl and P-MEC China. Since their inception almost 20 years ago, CPhl and P-MEC China have risen to become Asia’s top pharmaceutical event. Together, they make up a global exhibition and networking event, a counterpart to CPhl Worldwide, and have gained industry-wide recognition as the top pharmaceutical trade event in Asia. More than 50,000 visitors and 3,400 exhibitors will attend CPhl and P-MEC China, held in tandem with other China Pharma Week events at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, for networking, investing, deal-making, and more.

China Pharma Week, which includes other exhibitions from healthcare, pharmaceutical, and international markets, brings industry powerhouses together in Shanghai. While CPhl China focuses on pharmaceutical ingredients, and P-MEC concentrates on pharmaceutical equipment, experts and industry decision-makers from both of those sectors and many others converge on Shanghai to connect, learn, and talk shop with attendees in their own specialties and beyond.

CPhI and P-MEC China, with the backing of Informa Markets, CCCMHPIE, and Sinoexpo Informa Markets, covers the entire supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry, allowing attendees to gain insight into any and all steps of the development, research, testing, marketing, and sales processes that bring drugs from their inception to consumers’ medicine cabinets, hospital supply rooms, and more. Guests at China Pharma Week will be able to attend conference sessions and activities with a global focus, providing a deeper understanding of their industry and its future in China and around the world.


Who Comes to CPhl & P-MEC?

CPhl and P-MEC China attracts high-level decision-makers from global companies, including C-suite professionals, managers, and organizational directors.

Industry professionals who attend the event can expect to network with their counterparts from around the globe. Companies represented hail from Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. In past years, almost 28% of the attendees have been president, CEO, or GM of their respective companies. Nearly 49% of attendees have been managers, project managers, or department heads.

Together, these decision-makers comprise about half of CPhl and P-MEC China’s attendees, making CPhl and P-MEC China the most influential pharmaceutical event in Asia and the place to be for pharma industry movers and shakers in June 2020.

CPhI & P-MEC China will take place on June 22–24, 2020, at SNIEC Shanghai.

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