2021 Biologics CDMO Market Report & Pricing Study

2021 Biologics CDMO Market Report & Pricing Study

Order now and learn more about:

  • Comprehensive landscape of top 100 Biopharmaceutical CDMOs
  • Current 2021 pricing benchmarks, difficult to find
  • Detailed pricing from your competitors across NA, EU, and Asia
  • Industry KOL feedback on the current market trends
  • 200 pages of primary research for your sales team

2021 Biologics Report Brings Value to Innovators, CDMOs, & PE Investors

Invaluable Peer Comparison for CDMOs or PE Investors –– Updated for 2021

If you are a CDMO serving the biologics outsourcing market, or a PE company or investor looking to define your investing strategy, you need our 2021 Biologics CDMO Market Report & Pricing Study to bolster your understanding of your competitive arena, assess how you measure up on pricing, and position your company effectively to get on shortlists. The 2021 Biologics CDMO Market Report and Pricing Study extends Nice Insight’s 2019 report with updated, current pricing data and assessments of how the market has shifted over the last two years. Access current pricing data that is typically impossible to come by.

Exceptional Source of Due Diligence & Pricing for Innovators –– Updated for 2021

If you are an innovator – large or small/virtual – looking to outsource your biologics development and manufacturing, our Biologics CDMO Market Report & Pricing Study is a rich resource for introduction and information on 100+ Biologics CDMOs that might be ideal for you. Whether you purchased the 2019 report or not, the current, 2021 pricing data will help you understand what you should pay with competitive pricing comparisons.

What You Get With the Report

  • Current 2021 pricing benchmarks based on actual quotes given by providers for all typical service line items within biologic development projects.
  • Ability to measure whether your pricing levels are right against high, low, and median pricing in the marketplace.
  • A comprehensive view of the competitive landscape with a directory of the Top 100 Biopharmaceutical CDMOs across major regions today, including capabilities, capacity, proprietary technologies, and locations.
  • Input from subject matter experts (SMEs) from CDMOs and buyers of outsourced services.
  • Projections on ongoing growth of the biologics market, including segmentation such as biosimilars, orphan drugs, growth factors, etc.
  • Segmented breakdown of the biologics development market by scientific process, therapeutic areas, regions, clinical and commercial production, etc.
  • Analysis of advanced therapeutics in development, novel expression platforms, and advances in technology.

Gain More Understanding Of:

  • High, low, and median pricing for all typical Biologics CDMO services
  • Benchmark pricing and capacities among 100 CDMOs in biologics
  • The leading Biologics CDMO providers globally, region to region
  • Where capacity exists worldwide
  • Awareness levels and perceptions of Biologics CDMO providers
  • What matters to buyers of outsourced services / innovators seeking a CDMO
  • Methodologies / processes used to select CDMOs, including consultants

Biologics CDMO Pricing Study

Pricing benchmarks cover line items under:

  • Methodology
  • Discovery / Cell Line Development / IND
  • Analytical Work
  • Engineering / Manufacturing Run
  • Additional Analytical Development
  • Commercial Manufacturing

Biologics CDMO Market Report

  • Executive Summary
    • Outlook for the Global Biopharmaceutical Market
    • Outlook for the Global Biopharmaceutical CDMO Market
  • Biopharma Market Overview
    • Study Methodology
    • Market Size
    • Market by Therapeutic Area
    • Key Market Drivers
  • Biopharma Market by Production Method
    • Mammalian
    • Microbial
    • Other (plant, insect, etc.)
    • Reactors – Supplier Landscape and SS vs. SU
  • Biopharma Market by Production Type:
    • Recombinant Proteins including Antibodies
    • Antibody–Drug Conjugates
    • Plasmid Proteins
    • Hormones and Growth Factors
    • Vaccines
    • Biosimilars
    • Next-Generation Products
  • Biopharma Market by Development Stage
  • Biopharma Contract Development and Manufacturing Market
    • Overall Market Size and State
    • Trends and Points of Interest
    • Mammalian vs. Microbial Expression Outsourcing
  • Market Size by Product Type
    • Established Branded Biologics
    • Biosimilars and Biobetters
    • Vaccines
  • Services Offered
    • Cell-line Engineering
    • Development Activities
    • Drug Substance Manufacturing
    • Biopharmaceutical Analysis
    • Drug Product Fill/Finish
  • Regional Analysis
  • Recent Investments
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Biopharma Outsourced Manufacturing Pricing Study
    • Methodology
    • Discovery / Cell Line Development / IND
    • Analytical Methods
    • Engineering/Manufacturing Run
    • Additional Analytical Development
    • Commercial

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