Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 5

Monday, June 12, 2017
South Carolina /// Georgia

The road trip crew has just crossed their 11th state line into the Empire State of the South, Georgia. And look who they found in Charleston—Nice Insight Market Research Manager, Govindra Singh! Govindra will be providing scientific and, let’s face it, moral support throughout the remainder of the Road to BIO. 

CDC & Bio

Headquartered in Atlanta, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works to protect the country from foreign and domestic health, safety and security threats. The organization also has a dedicated biotechnology branch that provides “high quality synthetic biopolymer reagents and advanced analytical methodology to the CDC scientific community.” While we don’t imagine the CDC takes visitors, there is a museum, which we just learned is closed through the end of this week. Maybe next time!


Due West

Now that we’ve completed our trip down the Eastern Seaboard, we’re turning the wheel toward Texas, where we’re due to make our next Road to BIO sponsor stop on Thursday. We’ve got two straight days of driving along I-20 ahead of us, and are hoping to explore some interesting sights along the way. Any suggestions? Send us a tweet @ThatsNiceLLC.

Nigel Walker, That's Nice Founder & Managing Director, pulls up to Alcami's Charleston, South Carolina facility, which focuses on processing parenteral products

That's Nice Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, prepares for an aerial flyover photo shoot at Alcami's Charleston, South Carolina facility.

Natasha Howard, Site Director, MCC of Alcami, discusses the expansion of the company’s parenteral manufacturing capabilities with the addition of its Charleston, South Carolina facility

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