Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 8

Thursday, June 15, 2017

We’ve clocked over 300 miles since we crossed into Texas, and still have two solid days of driving before we reach the New Mexico border. Not that we’re complaining, but does this state ever end? 

New Horizons

We’re really not complaining  we are loving the arid landscape that is the backdrop to these open Texas roads — something to which we New Yorkers are not accustomed. And we were thrilled to learn through today’s leg of the journey that biotech is booming in the Lone Star State, with talk around the city of Austin emerging as a hub for industry startups


Sponsor Visits

We haven’t had a day this science- (and mileage-) heavy since we left the northeast, and we are thrilled to be back in production discussing bio innovation with our two Texas life science sponsors, G-CON and Celanese, before making a stop in Houston to celebrate the journey with our corporate sponsor, Lamborghini.  

From Left: Dr. Donald Loveday, Director, Customer Applications – EVA Pharmaceuticals, Celanese; Nigel Walker, Founder & Managing Director, That's Nice LLC; and Aaron I. Hoffman, Global Marketing Communications, Celanese

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We’ll check back in tomorrow morning from — you guessed it — Texas #RoadtoBIO 
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