Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 4

Sunday, June 11, 2017
Tennessee /// South Carolina 

Charleston, South Carolina is not the most easterly point on our Road to BIO, but it’s our last stop on the east coast before we embark on the long road west. And it’s ultimately due west, with our end goal of San Diego being on the same latitude as our South Carolina stopover.

Admitted To Hospitality

We’re on our way to Charleston to conduct an interview with Alcami tomorrow morning, but it's a city that’s popular with many for its rich history, well-preserved architectural jewels, and friendly people. In fact, Charleston has won numerous polls and awards as America’s most polite and hospitable city. South Carolina also has its roots in the industry, once being known as the Iodine State.


The Week Ahead

As the car drives, our remaining route will cover at least 2,750 miles on the trip west to San Diego. But we’ll be deviating along the way for more interviews with #RoadtoBIO sponsors. By Friday night, we are scheduled to have made it to southwest Texas. Starting tomorrow after leaving Charleston, we’ll take in Atlanta, Georgia, then Jackson, Mississippi, then Dallas. After that, we deviate down for an overnight in Houston then take a southerly route across the Lone Star State, making a further overnight and skirting the border with Mexico, before reaching New Mexico and eastern Arizona. That will leave us one last day to make it to the ocean again in Southern California. We’re guaranteed to have some adventures and see some interesting things along the way, so stay tuned to our story...

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Top left: Mary Lee Schiesz, Manager of Marketing, UPM Pharmaceuticals and the That’s Nice Road to BIO team in Bristol, TN
Bottom center: The Road to BIO crew encountered a U.S. Army convoy traveling from one base to another at the Toms Brook Truck Stop off 81 South in Virginia, and stopped to thank them for their service. 

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We’ll check back in tomorrow morning from South Carolina  with more #RoadtoBIO
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