Icon_Sun.svg The Road to BIO: Day 8

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Among the many observations we’ve made about our great country as we continue our venture from east to west is one that caught the eye of our more visually inclined road warriors, Founder & Managing Director, Nigel Walker, and Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce. 

Changing Landscape

Especially noticeable as we make our way toward the Great Plains of Texas is the change in landscape from our northeastern roots to our southwestern destination. From the metropolitan waterways of Boston, New York, and Baltimore, to the forest-lined highways of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, we’re capturing the ever-changing landscape as we make our way toward the arid deserts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. 


Flexible Approach

Navigating an ever-shifting landscape is a phenomenon our life science sponsors know well. With regulatory changes being quite possibly the number one roadblock to commercialization, sponsor pharmaceutical companies are constantly demonstrating flexibility in plotting the course along the development pathway. 


Day 6 of the Road to BIO took us from Atlanta, Georgia to Jackson, Mississippi, with plenty of bio and BBQ in between. Hop in!  



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We'll check back in this afternoon from — still Texas — with more #RoadtoBIO updates on our journey toward #BIO2017