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Friday, June 9, 2017
New York /// Pennsylvania
Featured Sponsor: Unither Pharmaceuticals
R2B_Unither_AM_int_060817.jpegUnither Pharmaceuticals General Manager of North America, David Kudla, warms up for an early morning discussion in Boston Commons Park on the value of single unit dose technologies. Watch the full interview.

The Single Best Way to Deliver

As medicines evolve, so does the technology for patient delivery. Unither’s sterile blow-fill seal (BFS) and liquid or powder stick-pack dosage forms were developed as a result of our singular focus on providing convenient, modern dosage forms to meet patient needs. Whether customers engage Unither from an early stage to develop custom products, bring us their own product for fill-finish, or brand and market one of our developed formulations, our single-unit dose technologies offer numerous advantages over legacy delivery forms.

Overcoming Challenges in Patient Compliance

Patient adherence is an enormous problem. In the US, up to 50% of prescribed medications are taken incorrectly, contributing to 125,000 early deaths, and costing the healthcare system over $200 billion annually. Our products can help to mitigate some of these issues, ensuring unit dose accuracy every time, and promoting ease of use with portable unit doses. We are also developing technologies to track dose administration.  

Innovative Delivery Forms & Evolving Lifestyle Trends

People are increasingly more mobile and active, and our single dose presentations are highly portable, convenient and easy to use on the go. This helps ensure that, no matter where a patient is, they can take their medicine at the right time. Additionally, people are also becoming more conscious of preservatives. In the US, most liquid products contain preservatives, but there is a growing realization that many patients are sensitive to these preservatives, particularly in something designed for use in the eye. As a result, we are beginning to see a move toward “preservative-free” formulations, and BFS is an ideal way to achieve this.

Promoting Adherence Among Pediatric & Geriatric Groups

Patient compliance is very applicable to pediatric and geriatric applications. Whether used by a care-provider for a child, or by a geriatric patient, our single-unit dosage forms, including sterile blow-fill seal (BFS) and liquid or powder stick pack, offer consistent, reliable and convenient dosing.

Advancing Single Unit Dose Technologies in North America

We are a CDMO focused on single use dosage forms that are preferred by patients. We help our customers develop products that we manufacture and fill, and we also create pharmaceutical products that our customers can immediately brand, market, and sell. We are fully aligned with our customers; when they grow their business, we grow our business, so we work very hard to help ensure their success. 


About Unither Pharmaceuticals

Unither is a leading manufacturer of single unit-dose pharmaceuticals using sterile blow-fill-seal (BFS), and Unistick® liquid stick packs. Offering support from early development to commercial manufacture, Unither provides innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions to customers by combining extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of BFS, liquid stick packs, oral solids, liquids, sustained release, and controlled substances with a deep understanding of patient needs.


David Kudla

Mr. David Kudla is responsible for growing Unither Pharmaceuticals’ contract development and manufacturing business for North America in sterile unit dosage forms using Blow-Fill-Seal technologies and Unistick® single dose liquid stick packs, and strategic leadership of the manufacturing site in Rochester, NY. He has over 30 years’ experience, from start-up to large pharma. Prior to Unither, Mr. Kudla held management positions at Shire, Advancis and Celltech.