Icon_Moon.svg The Road to BIO: Day 7

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Mississippi /// Texas

Seven days into our journey and we are on schedule — perhaps to the surprise of many — to reach all of our road trip milestones to deliver the Aventador to BIO 2017 on time and in (mostly) perfect condition. 

The “Innovation” State

We completed our trek through Mississippi by midday, and are now Texas-bound by way of the Pelican State, Louisiana. (Note: After learning of the investments being made in Louisiana’s biotech sector, it is this editor’s opinion that Louisiana may be better dubbed the Innovation State.)


Growing Biotech Community

Though we unfortunately won’t be making our way down south to New Orleans, if we were, we’d find LouisianaBio, the state’s official affiliate of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, and the New Orleans BioInnovation Center (NOBIC), a nonprofit business incubator that houses more than 30 biotech companies. According to an article published on BIO.org, NOBIC and similar state facilities boost Louisiana’s economic value by fostering a growing bioscience community. 

With no sponsor stops scheduled in Mississippi, the Road to BIO team took the opportunity to stock up on supplies, and pay a visit to the Vicksburg National Military Park 

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We’ll check back in tomorrow morning from Texas with more #RoadtoBIO
updates on our journey toward #BIO2017