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Monday, June 19, 2017
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R2B_Bio_Rad_Int1_061917.jpgSteven Blakely, Global Director of Marketing, Drug Discovery & Development Business for Bio-Rad, discusses connecting technologies in innovative ways to increase speed to market. Watch the full interview.

Designing Innovative Solutions with the Drug Developer in Mind

Bio-Rad has been around for over 60 years and has been on the cutting edge of developing innovative technologies designed for scientists in all disciplines. We not only develop state-of-the-art technologies, but we piece them together into useful workflows, which provide meaningful efficiencies and actionable insights. Our products are developed to provide the end user with easy-to-use products that meet all of their requirements. We are not just a supplier of technology that gets the job done, but an active partner to our customers in developing customized solutions for some of their most difficult problems. 

Combining Complementary Technologies to Fast-Track Delivery

Everything Bio-Rad makes is developed with input from our customers to meet their research needs. Our complementary solutions are designed to fit within workflows that save time and money, provide better data, and are easy to use, allowing scientists to focus on the question at hand rather than the technology in front of them. At Bio-Rad, we understand that technology needs to provide better, faster answers to enable drug developers to change direction quickly. Your data cannot just be good; it has to be of the highest quality to inform the best decisions. 

Identifying Targets & Their Future Potential 

Bio-Rad offers a complete library of antibody solutions, with over 11,000 antibodies and related reagents for immunology and cancer research. If you don’t see the antibody that you need, we can make a HuCAL® recombinant antibody from your hybridoma cell lines. Our service generates highly specific, high affinity recombinant antibodies at a greater than 90% success rate in only 8 weeks. Our in vitro method avoids the immunization of animals, is reliable, validated, and able to provide antibodies in any quantity. Our new ZE™5 Cell Analyzer is the industry’s first truly expandable flow cytometer.

Biomarker Identification in the Fight Against Disease

Discovering a biomarker indicating that a drug will be effective is a major competitive advantage. Finding one for cancer has been particularly difficult, as hard-to-source tissue samples have historically been required, and due to the rapid nature of the disease, a sample taken at one time may not be representative of the disease state at a later date. Circulating tumor cells can now be found by liquid biopsy using Droplet Digital™ PCR technology, which is extremely sensitive and provides visibility to rare DNA that previously could not be analyzed. Knowing which biomarker a cancer has makes it possible to tailor the therapy so the patient receives targeted treatment. 

Driving Future Biopharma Success 

Biopharma companies are becoming much smarter in how they develop drugs. In fact, they need to fail faster to move toward the right molecule faster, which means they need better data and more effective ways to share that data. Companies that will succeed in the future are working toward a system-wide approach enabling all groups to communicate seamlessly with one another to drive efficiency. Technology alone is not the key to success, but connecting technologies in innovative ways, across multiple labs with global partners can speed things up.


About Bio-Rad

Bio-Rad has partnered with Drug Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing researchers for over 60 years, delivering innovative solutions that support scientists with customizable workflows. We provide research solutions that truly enable you to get to market faster with the right molecule while reducing downtime, errors, and waste.


Steven Blakely

Steven is the Director of the Drug Discovery and Development business at Bio-Rad and is leading strategic efforts to deepen Bio-Rad’s global relationships across BioPharma, CROs and CMOs, supported by an extensive portfolio of Life Science and Clinical Diagnostic solutions. Steven has more than 15 years of experience leading teams in life science and diagnostics product development and marketing.