Philip M. Toleikis, Ph.D.

Dr. Philip M. Toleikis is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Sernova Corp and has been since April 2009. Previously, Dr. Toleikis consulted for various pharmaceutical, medical device, and combination product companies. From 1996 to 2006, he held multiple roles at Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., including Vice President of Research and Development, where he built a significant product development team and was also responsible for multiple corporate and academic collaborations. Since joining Sernova, Dr. Toleikis has secured over $100 million in various forms of financings, including equity raises and multiple non-dilutive grants. He has been instrumental in developing Sernova’s strategic approach in the regenerative medicine therapeutics field and in developing Sernova’s worldwide patent portfolio, and he has guided the Sernova team in development of the Cell PouchTM technologies through manufacturing, preclinical, and clinical development to achieve clinical studies in Canada as well as the United States at the University of Chicago. Furthermore, he has been responsible for negotiating a worldwide exclusive license with Evotec for its induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology to provide an unlimited source of insulin-producing cells and with the University of Miami for its local immune protection conformal coating technologies. Additionally, he was responsible for a technology purchase agreement with Converge Biotech, as well as developing business relationships and collaborations with multiple pharmaceutical and academic institutions involving its Cell Pouch System™ with the goal to achieve long-term commercial partnerships. Dr. Toleikis is the author of over 100 issued patents, patent applications, and numerous scientific publications involving transplantation, metabolic, cardiovascular, oncology, and autoimmune disease. He obtained his Ph.D. in medicine, pharmacology and therapeutics from the University of British Columbia, his MSc at the University of Michigan, and his BA at the University of Vermont.