Jim Mills

Jim has over 20 years’ experience working in the biotech and biopharmaceutical sector. He has held senior management positions at Cantab biopharmaceuticals (CEO), Xenova Biomanufacturing (Director of Operations) and Xenova Research Ltd (Leader, Upstream Process Development and Technical Business Development). Jim originally joined Cantab Pharmaceuticals, before its acquisition by Xenova, as a senior scientist in Upstream Process development and GMP Manufacturing in 1997. He has an extensive technical background in bioprocess development and GMP manufacturing, having worked on a diverse range of bioproducts from enzymes and recombinant proteins to live vaccines and conjugates. Jim’s experience ranges from products in early-stage research to those in Phase 3 clinical development. Jim has a PhD in microbial physiology and biochemistry from the University of Leicester and has published a number of papers on microbial enzymes, upstream and downstream process development.