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Cell and Gene Therapy

Segregation in the Design of Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facilities

A number of gene therapies are in late-stage clinical trials and expected to reach the market in the next several years.


No Clinically Meaningful Difference: The Upward Trend of Biosimilars

Keeping up with quality is key for the industry throughout the supply chain. Quality must be ensured from the earliest phases of development.

Nice Insight Overview

From Digitalization to Nanoscale Delivery: Emerging Technologies Are Driving the Future of Pharma

The (bio)pharmaceutical industry is becoming a high-technology sector with success directly linked to innovation.

Clinical Trials

Managing the Complexities of Outbound Clinical Drug Distribution

Lack of effective management of the outbound distribution of clinical trial materials can negatively impact study outcomes.


ADCs: The Future of Biologic Drugs

The contract manufacturing market for antibody-drug conjugates has huge potential, but an extraordinary range of capabilities is essential to be in the game.


Right-First-Time Innovation Approach Drives Continual Investment

Efficient development of optimal routes and manufacturing processes for the production of increasingly complex small molecule APIs requires extensive expertise.


Moving Beyond Monoclonal Antibodies

Following a string of approvals, biosimilars are positioned to go the way of generics.


Pharma’s Automation Index on the Rise

Call it the automation of everything — a hands-off approach will permeate supply chains in the near future.


Developing Targeted Potassium Channel Openers for CNS-Related Therapeutics

Potassium channels are present in nearly all types of cells and involved in most physiological functions.


Achieving Efficient Pharmaceutical Synthesis with Process Intensification

Reducing the time, cost and environmental footprint of manufacturing processes continues to be a major driver of technology development.


Single-Use Operational Excellence Explained: Effective Lifecycle Management

Single-use technologies (SUTs) have introduced a broad range of cost and operating efficiencies to bioprocessing operations.


Q: Looking forward, what technologies do you anticipate having the greatest impact in 2018?

Anticipating 2018 technologies and their impact.


Q: What do you see as being the most innovative technologies introduced in 2017? Why were they important? What impacts did they have?

The importance and impact on innovative technologies introduced in 2017.

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