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Capsule Manufacturing

Optimizing Profitability in Drug Product Manufacturing with Hard-Shell Capsules

Hard-shell capsules are more simple to formulate and easier to produce than other types of solid dose.

Supply Chain

Patient Centricity and the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: An Evolving Dynamic

Becoming a true patient-centric industry requires significant effort and a complete change in the way pharmaceutical companies operate.


Dedicated CDMO Services Meet Customer Needs in the Dynamic Biopharma Sector

Biologic drug substances are increasingly complex, and as such their sophisticated biomanufacturing is exceedingly challenging.


Aspects to Consider on the Way to a Tailored Manufacturing Strategy

Often, the best decision for a company’s bottom line is to rely on an experienced manufacturing partner.


People, Expertise and Dedication are Key to Successful Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are all about dedicating people to work togethe, so that all available expertise is accessible for a project’s success.

Multi-Product Manufacturing

Leveraging Offsite Fabrication in the Pharma Industry

Leveraging offsite fabrication offers a range of benefits, including improved safety, schedule predictability and reduced costs.

Cell and Gene Therapy

Analytical Methodologies Utilized in Therapeutic Viral Vector Manufacturing

Given the range of impurities that can be present in viral vector drug substance/drug product, diverse analytical techniques are needed.

Gene Therapy

Understanding the Unique Design and Engineering Needs for Gene Therapy Production

Designing gene therapy manufacturing facilities requires applying existing technologies and systems in new ways.

Design Logic

A Biopharmaceutical  Leader Emerges

For Polpharma Biologics, the new website reflects the vision to become a trusted source of biopharmaceutical products and services.

CEO VIsion

A Vision for Growth Tailored to Our Partners’ Needs

We constantly seek opportunities for improvement –– in how we deliver our products, process orders, develop new products and communicate with our partners.


Accelerating Time to Market with Integrated Preparative Chromatography Support

While preparative chromatography can enable difficult separations, it requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Orally Disintegrating Tablets

Creating Value with Tailored ODT Solutions

One approach is to use a commercially available orally dispersible drug delivery platform to facilitate development and speed to market.

Patient Centric

Pursuing Patient Centricity from Start to Finish

Patient centricity must be integrated into every area and aspect of the supply chain.

Patient Centric

Remember the User – Incorporating Patient Centricity into Drug Design

Developers must consider what works for patients and how this design will be adopted in a real-world context.

The Impact of Patients as Consumers: New Fill/Finish and Packaging Solutions

Poor medication adherence continues to be a huge issue for the pharmaceutical industry.

Supply Chain

Personalized Logistics Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Clinical Trials

The key to a successful hybrid trial is understanding which aspects will include patient home care and DTP/DFP trial components.

Design Logic

New Look, Same Unwavering Patient Commitment

Marken is both a service and technology provider, so user experience and functionality were key considerations in redesigning its website.


Competitive Generic Therapy: A New Patient-Centric FDA Pathway

The CGT pathway was designed to incentivize the development of generics for drugs for which there is effectively no market competition.

Analytical Testing

Increasing Customer Successes Through Enhanced QC Agility and Flexibility

The development of increasingly complex drug substances requires associated advances in testing.


Continuing on the Acquisition Trail: Building Out a World-Class, Customer-Oriented CDMO

At the core of each acquisition decision is the potential to improve the customer experience.


Aligning with Sponsors for Strategic Growth

Alcami’s ultimate goal is to become an industry-leading CDMO focused on small and mid-sized pharma customers.

Terminal Sterilization

Terminal Sterilization for Parenteral Drugs: Finding the Right CDMO Partner

Selecting an appropriate sterilization method requires an understanding of the drug substance and the final formulated product.


Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Rising to the Challenge with a Trusted Equipment Partner

In order for a company to fully prepare for and conform to all DSCA measures, updated equipment is a must.


The Biotech Boom

Regardless of whether a biotech company has demonstrated results, it is perceived to have intrinsic value.

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