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Nice Insight Overview

Pharma Contract Services Consolidation Wave Continues

Many CDMOs are expanding their breadth of capabilities and entering new geographic markets through the acquisition of other service providers.

Evolving Role of the Process Architect

Evolution in the life sciences industry is driving the need for new manufacturing paradigms based on advanced technologies.

Clinical Logistics

Managing the Complexity of Global Clinical Logistics for Next-Generation Personalized Medicines

Supply Chain Logistics Providers must be experienced with all relevant customs regulations and the specialized requirements for shipping sensitive materials.

Design Logic

Marken: Stronger Than Ever

Now stronger than ever, Marken needed a bold visual direction to illustrate its expanding breadth of services and ongoing commitment to personalized medicine.

In Conversation

Mergers & Acquisitions: Combining Market Segments

Nice Insight is in conversation with Dago Caceres, Marketing Director, and Gary Lord, Global Strategic Marketing Director at The Dow Chemical Company

Global Partners

Building the Foundation of Japan’s Premier CDMO

To meet global markets head-on, Bushu and Spera have built a capable proactive organization, that is well positioned in Japan to serve the region.

Transient Transfection

Transient Transfection at a Large Scale for Flexibility in Clinical and Commercial Vector Manufacturing

Transient transfection for vector production offers significant flexibility for cell and gene therapy development.

Pharma 2020

Russian Pharma Market Offers Great Potential for Local Manufacturers

The Russian market presents new growth opportunities for pharmaceutical companies with manufacturing capabilities within the country.

Abuse Deterrence

Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse with Demonstrated Abuse-Deterrent Formulations

The pharmaceutical industry, in conjunction with FDA, has focused on identifying approaches for the development of abuse-deterrent opioid formulations


Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Efficiency is Driving New Attention to Plant Design

As OSD formulations have grown more sophisticated, technologies to match these advances have been developed for the manufacture of these novel delivery systems.

Insightful Integration

Combining Content and Research in a Single Website Platform

Pharma’s Almanac has integrated with Nice Insight.

Road to BIO

The Road to BIO in Review

A once-in-a-lifetime journey from Boston to San Diego inspires and garners a deeper understanding of the people who have fueled it all


New Manufacturing Paradigms in an Evolving Pharma Industry: Partnering in the Equipment Space Across Channels

Like the pharmaceutical industry, relationships between pharmaceutical engineering/design firms and equipment suppliers are constantly in flux.


Building Strategic Sponsor-CRO Partnerships: The International Element Changing Clinical Trials

The global CRO market is expanding and increasingly borderless.


The CDMO and the International Supply Chain: How Global and Local Relationships are Guiding Sponsors and Providers

A well-thought-out and structured partnership can bring a sponsor organization both strength and agility.


Q: How important are international partnerships (with sponsor firms, service providers, engineering firms, equipment vendors, raw material suppliers, etc.) to your success?

Experts weigh in on our Roundtable question.

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