Issue Q1 2020

The Executive Issue

Understanding The Industry Dynamics

Our first quarter edition features leading insights from subject matter experts covering a range of scientific topics, including the growth of the microbiome field, advanced therapies, epigenetics, RNA biomarkers for cancer, drug delivery via silica nanoparticles, artificial intelligence, and the path to wellness through cannabis.

Also in This Issue


M&A: Fundamental to Pharma Industry Growth

The Pharma's Almanac editorial team tackles some of the major M&A transactions in recent history and puts them into perspective.

Nice Insight Overview

Understanding a Dynamic Industry Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Nice Insight's Nigel Walker uses recent M&A activity in the pharmaceutical industry to illuminate significant issues in industry dynamics.

Pharmaceutics Know-How

Pharmaceutics Know-How and Service Excellence to Re-Energize a CDMO

Kurt R. Nielsen, President and CEO of Pii, discusses how the company has refocused its business as a dedicated CDMO, applying its pharmaceutics expertise and deep product knowledge.

AAV Vector Production

Challenges to Process Validation for Viral Vectors

Kyle Zingaro, Deborah Mar Begos, and Todd Miller of Thermo Fisher Scientific's Viral Vector Services team relate the unique challenges in process validation for viral vector manufacturing.

CDMO Leadership

A Vision for Achieving Worldwide Biopharmaceutical CDMO Leadership

Chief Executive Officer Frank Mathias explain's Rentschler Biopharma SE's vision and strategy for the future of the company as a leading global CDMO.


New Mannitol Formulations Are a Gem of a Collection

An expanded line of mannitol excipients simplifies the manufacturing of patient-friendly dosage forms, according to SPI Pharma's Bill McCarthy and Graeme McLeod.

Virtual Panel

Leveraging a Biomanufacturing Legacy to Support New Business

In this virtual panel, six experts spanning the operations at Grifols Recombinant Protein CDMO discuss how they are leveraging their history and expertise to support the contract development and manufacturing of therapeutic proteins.


Reflections on a 10-Year Journey in the Microbiome

Arranta Bio's Chief Scientific Officer Aaron B. Cowley relates the lessons learned during a decade exploring the microbiome and what that means for the future of the Arranta and the microbiome field.

Business Models

CDMO Services Designed to Support Evolving Pharma Business Models

Servier's Patrice Martin describes the critical services and commitments that make an effective CDMO.

Small-Volume Manufacturing

Benefits of Integrated Small-Volume Manufacturing Capabilities

James Springer, Mitch Kenyon, Tyler Kerr, and James Goodwin of Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services explain how small-volume manufacturing capabilities support tech transfer and scale-up.

Tracking and Visibility

Proprietary Tracking and Visibility Tools Ensure Secure Transportation

Marc Boyle, Co-President of Boyle Transportation, discusses how the company's proprietary tracking and visibility portal reinforces Boyle's security commitment.

Continuous Improvement

The Critical Role of Continuous Improvement in Parenteral Drug Manufacturing

Antonio A. Gómez, Pharmaceutical Production Senior Manager at Laboratorios Grifols, explains the critical role of continuous improvement in the manufacturing of parenteral drugs.

Drug Development

A New Approach for Diseases Associated with BH4-Dependent Enzymatic Pathways

Jonathan Reis, President and CEO of Censa Pharmaceuticals, describes the company's novel approach developing therapeutics to treat phenylketonuria and primary BH4 deficiency.

Amorphous Solid Dispersion

Small-Scale Screening Technology for Amorphous Solid Dispersion Development

Vacuum compression molding presents a novel and attractive small-scale screening technology for amorphous solid dispersions, according to Daniel Treffer, founder and CEO of MeltPrep.


Leveraging Bioinformatics for Nontraditional Drug Discovery

Immuneering Corporation's Disease Cancelling Technology enables the discovery of drug candidates that have eluded conventional methods, explains co-founder and CEO Ben Zeskind.

RNA Biomarkers

RNA Biomarkers for Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Ron Andrews, President and CEO of Oncocyte, explains how RNA biomarkers can facilitate early diagnosis of lung cancers.

Immune Therapies

An R&D Engine for Novel Immune Therapies

Alexis Peyroles, CEO of OSE Immunotherapeutics, details the company's approach to R&D for the development of therapeutics targeting immune checkpoints and autoimmune diseases.

In Conversation

In Conversation: NantKwest — Harnessing Natural Killer Cells to Treat Cancer

We discuss the potential of off-the-shelf natural killer cell-based therapies for cancer treatment with Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman and CEO of NantKwest.

Complex Manufacturing

Enabling Commercial Manufacturing for Highly Complex Small Molecule Drugs Through Process Engineering and Technological Innovation

BioVectra's Scott Doncaster, Renaud Jacquemart, and Clarke MacDonald explain the importance of process engineering to commercial-scale manufacturing of complex APIs.

Cancer Screening

Innovating to Increase Adherence for Colon Cancer Screening

CEO Alex Ovadia explain's how Check-Cap's prep-free, scanning capsule-based screening system can increase adherence compared with conventional colonoscopy approaches.

Nanosilica Delivery

Revolutionizing Silica Nanoparticle Drug Delivery

Silica nanoparticles show considerable promise for delivery of oligonucleotide drugs, according to Nigel Theobald, CEO of N4 Pharma.

Artificial Intelligence

Facilitating Drug Re-Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

BioXcel Therapeutics' co-founder, Chairman, and CEO Vimal Mehta explains the role of artificial intelligence in drug re-innovation.


Proving the Link Between the Microbiota and the Human Immune System in Non-Human Primates

Non-human primates are key to establishing a link between the human immune system and the microbiome, explains Hughes Contamin, founder and CEO of Cynbiose.

Epigenetic Research

Translating Epigenetic Research into Promising Cancer Therapies

Jigar Raythatha, President and CEO of Constellation Pharmaceuticals, discusses the potential of targeting epigenetic regulators for cancer therapies.

In Conversation

In Conversation: Pressure BioSciences — Putting Pressure on Quality Research, Drug Development, and Cannabis (CBD) Products

We discuss the role of high-pressure technologies in R&D, drug development, and CBD products with Richard T. Schumacher, Chairman and CEO of Pressure BioSciences.

CPhI China

Opportunities Abound in China’s Pharmaceutical Market

CPhI and P-Mec China offers an opportunity to understand and connect with pharma companies in the region.

Licensing and Partnering

Facilitating Pharma Licensing and Partnering

Erica Sosnowski and Adam Sosnowski of Sosna + Co. explain the keys to successful licensing and partnering.


Current Trends & Future Prospects in Outsourced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Achim Newrzella, Vice President of Results Healthcare, relates some of the major findings from the firm's exploration of outsourced pharmaceutical manufacturing trends.


Your Project Is Cancelled: What Do You Do With All That Equipment You Just Ordered?

Matt Hicks, COO and Counsel of Federal Equipment Company, makes recommendations for companies faced with surplus equipment following the cancellation of capital projects.


Legal Issues in Licensing and M&A

Baker McKenzie's Randy Sunberg discusses trends and evolving models for M&A and licensing transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Leadership: A Requirement for Successful M&A Outcomes

Joe Carleone, Managing Director of Carleone Partners, stresses the importance of middle management in successful M&A outcomes.

Complex Injectables

Meeting the Growing Need for Complex Injectable Product Development and Manufacturing

ForDoz Pharma CEO James He describes the novel challenges in development and manufacturing of complex injectable drugs.

Strategic Partnership

Facilitating the Commercialization of Disruptive Industrial Life Science Technologies

Disruptive industrial technologies will be key to growth in the advanced therapies market, according to Daniella Kranjac and Gustavo Mahler of Dynamk Capital.

Oncolytic Virus Therapies

Specialized Know-How and Capacity to Support Demand for Oncolytic Viruses

Stefan Beyer and Kai Lipinski of Vibalogics tackle the unique expertise and technologies needed to support the development and manufacturing of oncolytic viruses.


Evolution is Essential in the Dynamic Pharmaceutical Industry

Ed Price, President and CEO of Seqens-North America, explores some of the major drivers of change in the evolving pharma industry.

25 Countries in 25 Days

Exploring Europe On The Road To CPhI Milano

Nice Insight's Nigel Walker relates his plans for a cross-continental road trip to explore healthcare in Europe in the run-up to CPhI Worldwide 2020 in Milano, Italy.


Healthcare In the European Union

Pharma's Almanac explores the health status and healthcare systems across Europe.


A Look Back at The Road To BIO

The That's Nice team remembers their road trip across the United States culminating in BIO International 2017.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Pii Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

Pii continuously adds offerings at small and medium scale for clinical trial and commercial manufacturing for both oral and parenteral drug delivery technologies.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Federal Equipment Company Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

Federal Equipment Company’s core mission continues to be sourcing equipment through services that help companies manage surplus equipment.

The Future of Healthcare

How is SGD Pharma Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

SGD Pharma is constantly working to improve the level of service for customers for the development of new products or the regulatory, laboratory, quality, and logistics support they offer.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Olon Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

After a string of recent acquisitions, Olon has updated the company mission and vision to reflect goals for 2020 and beyond.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Arranta Bio Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

Arranta Bio has recently committed to a $100M investment in their facilities to build end-to-end microbiome capacity.

The Future of Healthcare

How is Avara Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

Avara’s mission is to provide world-class outsourcing services to help deliver life-changing and life-saving medicines to the patients who need them.

The Future of Healthcare

How is SanaClis Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

SanaClis is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services for clinical trials and ensures an efficient drug development process for pharma and biotech companies.

The Future of Healthcare

How is SPI Pharma Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

SPI Pharma’s mission is making a difference — in the lives of patients, their customers, their employees. and the communities that they serve.

The Future of Healthcare

How is TriRx Preparing to Face the Future of Healthcare?

TriRx is differentiating itself in the marketplace and creating significant growth opportunities for the company.

Core Capabilities

Concentrating on Core OSD & Sterile Capabilities for Assured Client Success

Avara Pharmaceutical Services CEO Larry P. Lee explains how the company has refocused on its core capabilities of OSD and sterile products.


How Close Is CRISPR to Eradicating Disease and Correcting Genetic Defects?

Nice Insight's Research Director TJ Ladage discusses the therapeutic promise and the reality of CRISPR gene editing.


The Future of the CDMO Market: The Art of the Possible

The Future of the CDMO Market: The Art of the Possible; Tim Tyson; TriRx Pharmaceutical Services

Entrepreneurial Scotland

Building an Entrepreneurial Society in Scotland

Building an Entrepreneurial Society in Scotland; Sandy Kennedy; Entrepreneurial Scotland


Providing Self Care Experiences With Functional Cannabis

Peter Barsoom and Erin Holzer of 1906 discuss the company's new line of functional cannabis products.

Cell and Gene Therapy

Visualizing the Future of Contract Development and Manufacturing for Cell and Gene Therapies

Shailesh Maingi, CEO and founder of Kineticos, highlights some of the primary opportunities and challenges ahead for the commercialization of cell and gene therapies.


Accelerated Innovation Is the Key to the UK’s Post-Brexit Life Sciences Leadership

Haig Armaghanian, founder and CEO of Haig Barrett, Inc., suggests that jumpstarting innovation is key to the future of life sciences in the UK following Brexit.

Silver Jubilee

In Their 25th Year, That’s Nice Looks Forward to the Future of Healthcare

For That’s Nice’s 25th anniversary, Nigel Walker and the team are preparing to face the future of healthcare by looking backward.


Q: How would you characterize the current landscape of M&A activity in the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry?

A panel of SMEs characterize the M&A landscape in the pharma/biopharma industry.


Q: What technology do you foresee leading the industry over the coming decade, both in terms of real approvals and general impact?

A range of experts speculate on the technologies likely to lead the industry in the coming decade.

Cultural Intelligence

Is the Pharma Industry Developing Cultural Intelligence?

Nice Insight's Cynthia Challener explores the state of diversity and inclusion in the industry, advances that have been made, and the challenges ahead.

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