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Coping with the Data Avalanche

Information overload! The Q1 Big Data issue is our largest yet, and includes seven industry benchmarking surveys.

The Data Generation

The first issue of Pharma’s Almanac in 2017 explores the current market landscape and the impact of Big Data.

Big Data: A Big Challenge

For pharmas, biotechs and other life science firms, the ability to handle Big Data is a huge difference maker.

Energizing Client Portfolios with Patient-Friendly Dosage Forms

Orally Disintegrating Dosage forms are advantageous for all patient groups and comprise the fastest growing segment of the drug delivery market.

Continuous Manufacturing: To Be Continued…

Continuous processing has taken a long time to arrive, in spite of obvious advantages and continued encouragement from the regulators.

Industry Benchmark: Introduction

The feature includes analysis and summary of a vast array of data obtained from proprietary annual surveys and custom primary & secondary research.

Changes in the Wind for the CDMO Market

The 2017 Nice Insight CDMO Survey results are based on input from over 700 industry professionals representing all sizes of pharmaceutical & biotech companies.

Spending on Contract Research Services Slowing Down

It is key to find a CRO that not only has the desired technical capabilities, but can act as a true partner & serve as an extension of the sponsor company.

Investors May Look Smaller

The 2017 Nice Insight PE/VC Survey highlights some interesting trends in the way investors currently look at opportunities in the life science industry.

Equipment Must Integrate

The survey reveals that modern pharmaceutical manufacturing is moving towards an integrated & streamlined process from raw-materials to the final products.

Spending on Excipients Grows & Diversifies

The 2017 Nice Insight Excipients Survey finds that companies across the industry use an extraordinary variety of excipients in their formulations.

Keeping the Chain Going

In the field of clinical supply chain logistics, buyers are increasingly seeking strategic partnerships rather than a transactional vendor-sponsor relationship.

Growth Anticipated for Intermediates

Pharma companies are seeing suppliers of fine chemicals and intermediates increasingly as partners rather than simple suppliers of products.

2017 Top 5 Industry Leader

The first issue of Pharma’s Almanac in 2017 explores the current market landscape and the impact of Big Data.

Operational Excellence in Outsourced Fill-Finish Services

Nice Insight is in conversation with Oskar Gold of Vetter Pharma International, about how outsouricng fill - finish services can help companies of all sizes.

Expanding the Commercial Options for Preparation of Amorphous Solid Dispersions

Access to the best solution for bioavailability enhancement ensures the highest likelihood for successful formulation of challenging compounds.

Q: How is the Need to Provide Local Drug-Product Supply in Multiple Regions Around the World Impacting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility and Equipment Design?

The biggest factor impacting facility & equipment design is the regulatory need to assure that the product can be produced the same at every location.

Q: What Do CROs/CDMOs Need to Do to Ensure That They Provide Effective Global Support but with Locally Oriented Services?

Over the last ten years, globalizing clinical trials into emerging markets has seen a steady incline.

Q: What will be the Impact of the Requirements that Drug Manufacturers Gain a Similar Level of Supply Chain Understanding for Excipients as they Must Have for APIs?

The need to generate full supply chain transparency will lead to increased scrutiny of excipient suppliers’ supply chains.

Q: What are the Greatest Challenges Drug Manufacturers Face When Working to Meet the New Requirements for Excipient Supply Chain Security?

The challenges drug manufacturers face range from batch sizes & minimum order quantity to quality inspection & financial stability.

Q: What Challenges are Associated with Implementing Cloud Computing within CROs/CDMOs?

The specific challenges of CROs/CDMOs in putting cloud computing to use is discussed by industry experts.

Q: What Impact Do You Think the Move to Cloud Computing Will Have on the Ability of Contract Service Organizations to Better Meet the Needs of Their Customers?

Utilizing cloud computing would allow CROs to provide their customers with more comprehensive, flexible, targeted and faster services.

Designing a Better Single-Use Facility

Single-use Disposable Technologies (SUTs) promote capacity & production schedule flexibility, up to the 2,000L bioreactor batch and perfusion production scale.

New Ventures in the Microbiome

Predictions look bright for the microbiome market - the global microbiome market is expected to reach $658 million by 2023.

Flexible Partnership, Inflexible Quality

With companies continuing to recognize the value of manufacturing partnerships, CDMOs are pressured to deliver on quality promises without hindering launch.

Dissolving Boundaries in Worldwide Clinical Trial Logistics for Biological Samples and New Therapies

A clear trend in the clinical trial space is a move away from the investigator site to the patient’s home, which requires DTP services.

Pharma’s Reputation Gap: Consumer Business Innovation

With medication adherence at the center of unnecessary costs & poor health outcomes, it’s an obvious opportunity for the industry to take a leading role.

Facilitating Tech Transfer for Parenteral Products

Whether a process is being transferred within a company or between a sponsor and an outsourcing partner, success requires extensive knowledge sharing.

Particle Engineering for Improved Bioavailability in Oral Solid Dose Medications

Particle-size engineering & analysis require specialized equipment and expertise, leading many pharmaceutical companies to turn to a reliable CDMO partner.

Next-Generation OSD Manufacturing Strategy

The pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape is shifting, moving to replace and transition to more flexible cost-effective & efficient capacity.

Advancing Solid Dose Processing Efficiency and Effectiveness

A transition from batch to continuous processing enables the development of processes within the cGMP principle Quality by Design framework.

Supporting the Pharma Industry Small Business Growth Engine

Small and medium-sized drug companies are the growth engine of the industry but lack easy access to service providers.

Enhancing Responsiveness with Embedded Flexibility

Drug companies are now seeking service providers that can offer flexible deal structuring and CDMOs with built-in flexibility are ideally situated to help.

Investing for Successful Advancement of Viral Vector Manufacturing

Recent successes in clinical trials, measured in terms of safety and efficacy, are driving interest in gene and cell therapies.

Keys to Cultural Integration

Catherine Hanley of Alcami, highlights the keys to successful cultural integration following a merger and why it is so important for the newly formed entity.

An OEE Approach To Solid Dose Equipment Purchasing and Implementation

The primary reason pharmaceutical manufacturers purchase production processing equipment is to meet present or future demand for its products.

Experience and Expertise Facilitate Controlled Substance Manufacturing

When seeking contract service providers for projects involving controlled substances, it is essential that sponsor firms select the right partner.

Integrated Innovation: Fostering the New Growth in Pharma

Changes in the industry are creating a significant need for development of advanced particle engineering technologies for solid dosage drugs.

Achieving Security of Supply with Effective Particle Engineering

Changes in the industry are creating a significant need for development of advanced particle engineering technologies for solid dosage drugs.

Stay Tuned: Pharma’s Almanac TV Goes Live

PA TV channel has debuted to bring Pharma’s Almanac to life for its readers in a way the printed pages of the magazine cannot do.

Nice Symposium Oral Solid Dose Thank You to Our 2017 Sponsors

Nice Symposium, an industry think tank forum for leaders of outsourced service providers and their customers, was held January 31, 2017, in Durham, NC

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