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The Power of “Inbound” for Digital Marketing (& Sales!) Success

By developing content that is specifically designed to appeal to the ideal customers, inbound marketing attracts better qualified prospects.

The Importance of Convenient Dosing Formulations for Elderly Patients

Incorrect use of medication has been associated with as many as 125,000 deaths per year in the U.S. alone.

Strengthening CDMOs to Meet Industry Needs for 2016 and Beyond

Often a single CDMO can provide a comprehensive supply chain solution.

Putting the “D” in CDMO with Advanced Process Development

The most successful CDMOs have a tradition of innovation, cost-effective operational scale, and the ability to customize platforms to suit customer needs.

Patient Safety and Parenteral Delivery Systems

To maximize benefits of manufacturing parenterals, sponsors are tasking CDMOS with switching drug product from in-vial admixture to a premixed IV bag.

Opportunities Abound for Contract Services in 2016

Demand for medicines is expanding as the global population continues to age and chronic diseases become increasingly widespread, even in emerging economies.

Equipment Trends Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Equipment needs across the supply chain are changing, from initial discovery efforts to the packaging of final products.

Customer Experience: Key to Growth in the Outsourced Services Industry

Companies that have been able to successfully implement the customer experience approach have been found to be 4%-8% more profitable than their peers.

Supply Chain

Clinical Logistics – Meeting the 21st Century Cures Challenge

CLOs must employ state-of-the-art information, inventory and temperature control systems to provide patient-focused delivery of clinical trial materials.

Another Exciting Year for Clinical Research Outsourcing

Quality continues to be the ultimate decision driver for selection of a CRO according to the Nice Insight Survey.

Advancing Biologics Development and Manufacturing

2015 was a turning point for the U.S. biosimilar market: the FDA approved its first biosimilar drug, Zarxio, which was developed by Sandoz.

Strong CMO/CDMO Market Outlook for 2016, but Beware Moderating Factors

Among respondents to the 2016 Nice Insight CDMO survey, 75% expect their companies to increase expenditures on contract services over the next five years.

Growing Demand for Small-Molecule CDMO Services

CDMOs today are seeing increased demand for drug substance development and GMP manufacturing services for innovator small-molecule drug development projects.

Gaining Optimal ROI for Surplus Laboratory and Manufacturing Assets

With the rising pace of mergers and acquisitions, companies are aiming to reduce costs through synergies and the consolidation of infrastructure and equipment.

Continuous Processing: Meeting the Need for New Manufacturing Strategies

The FDA has reviewed the use of continuous processes as a way to improve efficiency, and a handful of market leaders are taking the lead.

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